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Roleplaying for beginners - Tipps and Tricks

(this might get long)


You just started a rp blog? Congratulations! Now you might think “Wow, there are so many good people, now I want to rp myself!”

Well, that’s the spirit! But there are a few things that you can and probably will do wrong the first times. Don’t worry, we all started out not knowing everything. :)

This contains everything from Setting up a blog, to rping, to communication with your rp partners. Under a cut because it’s long.

Step 1: Set up a blog

So there you are, having a blog. But what now? What should be on your blog?

These are the basic things you should think of while making your blog:

Step 2: Following and Followers

 So, you made a blog and fixed your theme. Tracked your tag. Now up for interactions, right? Not exactly.

Please keep in mind that no one knows that your blog exists. No one does. You have to make people notice you. But please, don’t force others to talk to you!

Step 3: Followers, Greeters and Rp

Okay. Wonderful. You have a blog, you have some people you follow and you have a follower or two? See, this works perfectly!

Now, back to the greeters.

Greet your followers. If you gain one, make up a post for them, with your muse greeting theirs. Like a little starter. Most people write a simple oneliner, add a gif of their character and tag them.

This is your partners reply.

Don’t just press enter and write under it.

This is your partners reply

This is your reply. See? It’s not that bad. And not hard at all, I promise!

Most important of all: Communication.

Speak to the people. Speak to your rp partner. Learn about them.

Dos and Don’ts:



If you have anything left you want to know, feel free to hit me up in my askbox. I’d be glad to help you with your blog/theme/rp. :)
Have fun!